First Hill Plaza Residence
Seattle, Washington

Site: A condominium building east of downtown Seattle, with dramatic views of the city core as well as mountains and water beyond.

Program: A 1,845 s.f. condominium renovation for a client with a collection of contemporary art glass.

Solution: The new condominium accommodates the formal display of art glass while acknowledging the informal, yet sophisticated lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest.

Existing structural features, such as low ceilings and window heads, posed significant design constraints. Two primary elements organize the new configuration. First, the entire perimeter window wall is lined with custom maple cabinets and continuous black granite countertops. The device reinforces the sweeping view and provides an elegant glass art display area. Second, a central space-dividing element features a floor-to-ceiling maple cabinet with glass display shelving. The entry hall, kitchen, office and bedrooms all pivot off this anchor.

To give the illusion of higher ceilings and conceal the deep concrete beams of the building, the window heads are splayed. A subtle color palette of rich textures increases the feeling of spaciousness. The materials consist of warm limestone flooring, “sisal” wool carpeting, sequential maple veneer cabinetry, dark granite countertops and stainless steel accents.

Experience: A project of Weinstein Copeland Archiects, Julie Kriegh Project Architect.

Date: 1992