Holly Park Redevelopment
Seattle, Washington

Site: A public housing project originally developed as World War II worker housing, located on 102 acres in southeast Seattle. Existing structures are one and two story wood frame townhouses set in a garden community of undefined open spaces and winding streets.

Program: Revitalize Holly Park to be an integral part of its surroundings. Provide safe, and affordable housing; create a stable mixed-income neighborhood while stimulating economic opportunities and enhancing social services.

Solution: Redevelopment of the entire site by replacing 893 public housing units with approximately 1,200 units of new mixed-income housing and provide new community facilities (community center, campus of learners, family center), community gardens and production greenhouses, and infrastructure (streets and utilities). Site development reinstated a traditional street grid pattern wherever possible and developed additional links with adjacent neighborhoods.

Housing options included both owner-occupied and rental units in detached single-family, duplex and townhouse configurations. The majority of rental units are provided by duplex structures, which are similar in scale, form and detailing to the adjacent single-family residences. Public houses are indistinguishable from “for-sale” housing.


  • AIA Bronze Design Award, 2001
  • Washington Council AIA Civic Design Award of Merit, 2000

Experience: A project of Weinstein Copeland Architects, Julie Kriegh Project Architect, Phase I.

Date: 1996