Group Health Cooperative Clinic
Port Orchard, Washington

Site: An open rolling meadow bordered by fir and cedar woods to the west and north and a rural residential community to the east and south. The gentle east/west slope suggested a stepped building design to be implemented in phases. Site amenities include a jogging trail, wild flower gardens, short and long-term parking as well as a delivery dock entry.

Program: A clinic complex including general practice exam rooms, optometry, general surgical procedure rooms, x-ray, laboratory, pharmacy, blood draw room, administrative offices, storage, mechanical and facilities maintenance.

Solution: The rural character of the building sits nestled into the rolling meadow. The central atrium area, accented with skylights, serves as both the central circulation and waiting area for individual departments. Departments are organized in u-shaped configurations off both sides of the central spine. Dormers over the shed roofs bring natural daylight into the interior. The west end of the building has been designed to easily adapt to a second building phase. By removing the glass wall and stepping the building down a level, the facility will expand to double its current size.

Experience: A project of Miller Hull Partnership, Julie Kriegh Project Manager

Date: 1990